Palestinian suspect shot after Israeli citizen stabbed in West Bank

  • 2019-07-22
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A Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli civilian in the occupied West Bank and was then shot and wounded by security forces, according to the Israeli military and police.

The incident occurred on Monday in the Etzion bloc of Jewish settlements near Jerusalem. The Israeli was not seriously injured.

A military spokesman said the Israeli was a civilian and that security forces “overcame the suspect and transferred her for further medical assistance”.

A police spokeswoman said the Palestinian woman who carried out the attack was shot. Reuters witnesses saw her being taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. A hospital spokeswoman said she was seriously wounded.

Violence in Israel and the has risen in the past few months. Attacks carried out by Palestinians have killed 11 Israelis, while 12 Palestinians have been killed, including several of the assailants.

In July, a Palestinian youth was burned to death by Jewish attackers, allegedly in revenge for the killing in June of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian militants in the West Bank.

A 50-day war that began in July between and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of more than 2,100 Palestinians, many of them civilians, as well as 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians on the Israeli side.

Tensions have also risen in past weeks over access to a Jerusalem religious site holy to both Muslims and Jews, triggering Palestinian street protests.

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